Crunch Time

The steel order is coming up soon so its time to really start putting in some hours on the design, here are some upcoming times that we’ll be working on it:

Wednesday 7pm @ M1053 ECB

Thursday after the ASCE meeting @ 1241 Engineering Hall

Friday (possibly Engineering Hall 1249)

Saturday TBD

Sunday TBD

Monday 6-9 pm @ 2261 Engineering Hall – Final check of the design before we order

Upcoming Events

ASCE Meeting - Thursday, Nov. 20th 6-7 @ 1800 Engineering Hall

Come to hear John Fauenhoffer discuss forensic engineering and eat some pizza

Nitty Gritty Cup Night - Thursday, Nov. 20th 9 pm @ The Nitty Gritty

Click here for more information

SBT/Concrete Canoe Social - Friday, Nov. 21st 7 pm @ BWW at East Campus Mall

Information for this event can be found here

Endres Tour - Friday, Nov. 21st

Leaving at 3 pm from Engineering Hall. Sign up here if you haven’t yet

SAP-A-PALOOZA III - Saturday, Nov. 22nd 11-5 @ M1053 in ECB

We will be working on finalizing our design for the upcoming steel order


Upcoming Special and Important Events

Design Meeting - Monday, Nov. 10th 6-8 @ 2261 Engineering Hall

CEE Mentor Night - Tuesday, Nov. 11th 5:30-8 @ Union South, Varsity Hall

Hosted by ASCE and Construction Club, professors and professionals from all areas of civil engineering will be giving short presentations and be available for questions. The event will be business casual with some appetizers available.

General Meeting - Monday, Nov. 17th 6-7 @ 2534 Engineering Hall

Endres Tour - Friday, Nov. 21st

Leaving around 3 pm from Engineering Hall. Sign up here even if you won’t be attending.



ASCE Meeting - Thursday, Nov. 6th 6-7 @ 1800 Engineering Hall

Stop by to hear Mark Rounds from Boldt speak and eat a lot of pizza.

SAP-A-PALOOZA II - Saturday, Nov. 8th 11-5 @ M1053 ECB

We’ll be continuing work on our design and watching the Badgers put a beating on the Boilermakers all while eating some food; feel free to bring your own!

Endres Tour – Friday, Nov. 21st leaving sometime after 3

Join us on a tour of one of our biggest sponsors!

Fire Pit Fun

General Meeting – Monday, Oct. 20th, 6-7 @ 2534 EHall

Team Social - Monday, after the general meeting is over

Anyone interested in planning the social – coordinating snacks and drinks etc. (Administration Team) – should contact

We will be starting at the red pin and fire pit one is where the purple pin is, we will walk over as a group once the meeting is over

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.32.18 PM

Fabrication Team

We will be setting a date for our green pass seminar at the next general meeting so make sure to have your green pass quizzes done by then!


Let’s Get Down to Business

We’ve really started to get into creating the SAP models of our bridge so make sure to be coming to meetings and working on models as needed outside of official meetings if you want to be involved in the design process.

From the meeting on Monday, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to report your best bridge score and the name of the design (so the co-chairs can find it in your individual folder) and send that to

(Optional) Design Meeting - Thursday, Oct. 16th, 6-8 @ 2261 EHall

SAP-A-PALOOZA - Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 10-5 @ M1053 ECB

Stop by and work on your design for as long as you can, enjoy some food and football at the same time! Make sure to let us know when you’ll be coming by filling out this quick doodle poll here.