Rules are out!

The rules for the 2016 National Student Steel Bridge Competition have been posted finally! You can read through them here!

So in related news, get ready for a new year of Steel Bridge! Come see us at Engineering Bash in front of Engineering Hall on Tuesday, September 1st from 4-8 pm if you’re interested in learning more about our team.

Thank You Sponsors!

One last thank you to all of our sponsors this year, check them out on our page here!

We’d like to thank you for the continued support of the UW-Steel Bridge team.

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Have a great summer everyone!


Nationals Results

This year, our team created one of the most successful bridges that UW-Steel Bridge has ever seen. MADISPAN took 8th place overall, 2nd in construction speed, and 3rd place in construction economy and speed. What is even more impressive is that if you remove our 1/16″ dimensional violation penalty from our score, we would’ve received first place overall! Looking ahead, we now know exactly what it takes to be successful at the national level and we hope to build on this year’s achievements! Thank you to all of our sponsors, this year couldn’t have happened without you!DSC02483

The team pictured with MADISPAN outside of the Kansas City Convention Center


The co-chairs with this year’s awards

Regional Champions!

The past weekend was an amazing experience and the hard work that we’ve all put in over the course of the year finally paid off when we took home first place in the overall steel bridge competition!



Our team also received first place for Display, Construction Speed, Economy, Lightness, and Efficiency and second place in Stiffness.