The 1992 Team

The UW Steel Bridge Team was founded this year.  This was also the first year that ASCE held a national competition, although many local competitions were held in previous years.  In 1992, a competition was hosted in Madison by the DOT, who required finalists to build scale models for a crucial replacement bridge.  Participants included UW- Madison, University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), University of Minnesota, Marquette University, and Purdue University.  Although the Wisconsin bridge, a pretensioned inverted deck truss, failed during the load test at the competition, the inaugural team laid the foundations for future success.  The members of the team were thankful for the hands-on experience and the ability to see plans go from paper to reality.  Take it from UW-Madison student team leader Neil Glaser: “It’s a lot of good experience in that it forces you to design for a whole but still be aware of the individual pieces.  It lets you see what works, and why.”

1992 Team Picture