Our Sponsors

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for the 2014-2015 competition! We wouldn’t be able to be so successful without your help!

Golden Gate Sponsors

Endres Manufacturing Company


Strand Associates Inc 

Strand Associates

Greg and Betty Retzlaff

Alex and Sarah Rexrode

Mr. Richard F. Rexrode Sr.

Mr. James Bakke

Mr. Andrew Agosto

Mr. Theodore J. Richards

Mr. Ed Sipple

Mr. Dean J. Arnold

Mr. Mike Helminger

Mackinac Bridge Sponsors

Kelly Greuel: an affiliate of AECOM


Sub-Zero Inc


American Institute of Steel Construction

AISC (1)

Mr. Neil J. Glaser

Mr. Jeremy J. Tomesh

Mr. Richard F. Rexrode Jr.

Mr. Mark Richardson

Brooklyn Bridge Sponsors

Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises


Nielsen Madsen & Barber, S.C.


Capital Steel & Wire, Inc.


Ms. Judith A. Hoehn

Mr. David J. Merkes

Mr. Matt Schwartz

Mr. Derek Stecker

Mr. Brian Kehrli

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