2015 was an excellent year for the Steel Bridge Team, bringing home more plaques than we have in a long time.

Regionals: (Comparison of cross-regional scores before nationals)

1st place Regional Awards:
Construction Speed: 6.78 Minutes (3rd in the Nation)
Lightness: 91 lbs: (3rd in the nation)
Display! The most important category!
Economy: $1,695,833 (5 people. (2) – 15 second penalties.) – (3rd in the nation)
Efficiency: $2,868,000 (2nd in the nation)
Overall: $4,563,833 (1st in the nation)

2nd place Regional Award:
Stiffness: 1.040 inches (13th in the nation)

Complete Final Scores From Regionals

National Awards:

2nd Place:
Construction Speed: 4.2 minutes (Team Record!!!)

3rd Places:
Display (MSOE took 2nd even through we beat them at the regional competition)
Construction Economy: $1,260,000 (Missed 2nd by $10,000)

8th – $5,052,000 (1st place: Florida $4,064,500)

Final Scores From Nationals


Final Note:

What is not shown in the spreadsheet or on any of the scoring documents released after the competition is that we paid a $1,000,000 penalty for a 1/16th inch dimensional violation of the vehicle passageway. Doing the math from above: we were 1/16th of an inch from winning.