2006 – 2007

Dear Bridge Diary

(1/24/07)- Welcome Back! Ah, the beginning of a new semester… Hey guess what? We have a bridge thanks to the co-chairs and everyone else who helped out. Tomorrow we’ll be giving the bridge her very first loading test at 6:30 in the structures lab. This is exciting stuff folks, so everyone should come because we’ll be needing all the help we can get. Also, our first bridge meeting is coming up next week Monday at 6:30 so check your e-mails for more information! Later Days.

(12/28/2006)- Wow that semester really went fast.  Here we are at winter break and we hardly know what we did with our time.  The co-chairs are snuggly huddled in 2261 Engineering Hall trying to finish up the last minute preparations for fabrication at Endres on January 8, 2007.  We are really excited with the design that we have along with our new connection ideas.  I guess I should get going now, the guys are in my ear about doing some real work.  Talk to you soon.

(12/7/06)-Can you believe we’re almost a week away from finals?! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were sipping “Ecto Coolers” and thinking about bridge designs.  Now as the semester is coming to a close, Kinky and the Brain has been born, ohhhh yeaaaa. The co-chairs have worked their tails off pulling many an all-nighter to make this happen, and what an exciting feeling it is to be nearing bridge fabrication. This Monday will be our final meeting before we start again next semester. We’ll be taking our annual Christmas (“Holiday” for anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas) picture. So come, and look festive! Later Days.

(11/1/06)- Happy Belated Halloween! Not much to report. At Monday’s meeting the co-chairs talked about the bridges they’ve been working on and got some good feed back from other team members. If you haven’t gotten your photo taken, please contact me, Kim Parry, so I can get your lovely faces up on the website. Also, don’t forget this Friday is the Endres Mfg. tour! Want to see where we make our bridge? E-mail the co-chairs back ASAP to let them know. We’re leaving at 1:00 in front of Engineering Hall and we should definitely be back by 4:00. Hope to see you there! Later Days.

(10/23/06)-Well, just got from this weeks bridge meeting where we talked about… connections!!! It was awesome to see everyone giving their input on how we can make some amazing connections and avoid the ever so difficult to make dovetail. Props to Kelly Greuel and Mike Muehrer for  talking about the bridges they made last week. Don’t forget to go to SAPstock this Friday @ 3:00 in Rm 2261 to hang out with our awesome co-chairs and make some bridge magic. Anyway, I’m out! Later Days.

(10/12/06) – My apologies for not writing sooner. We all know whose fault it is, but we won’t go saying names…COUGH Bryan. Well, we are now officially into our second month of school and let me tell you, it’s going to be an exciting year for the 2007 UW Steel Bridge Team! Already we are taking amazing strides to make this the best bridge EVER. In fact, the co-chairs and fellow bridge team members are currently up in Rm 2261 (SAPstock) working on some amazing designs. Nothing to do? Well what the heck, come join them! Later Days.

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